construction environmental management

Construction Environmental Management Plan, Western NSW

iEnvi was engaged by a development company to complete a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP) for a fast food restaurant in a rural town in NSW. Preparation of a CEMP prior to receiving a Construction Certificate was listed as a development approval condition for the major chain fast food restaurant development. 

construction environmental managementThe site specific requirements for the CEMP included an unexpected finds protocol, a waste management plan, a sediment and erosion control plan, and air quality management plan and a vegetation management plan. A review of the surrounding sites and the local environmental conditions was also completed.

The client was able to provide iEnvi with extensive documentation and a previously completed statement of environmental effects, enabling iEnvi to complete the CEMP without visiting the site. This significantly reduced the costs and the turnaround time for the CEMP, and iEnvi were able to supply the client with a detailed CEMP within a week of engagement.



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